Last night I went around to one of the boys place for a poker night.  Normally our poker nights end up with all the troops out on the town but in the end it was only me and one other guy who I lost 10 minutes after we got to the pub.

I haven’t been out in ages and it was a fantastic night – I met this cute blond chick and if I hadn’t been so drunk I think I could have closed the deal.  She gave me her fone number so I’ll shoot her a txt on Monday afternoon (what do you guys think?).

Thing is that since I’ve been back I’ve been drinking way too much.  I was really looking forward to getting back and getting into a routine while the warm weather lasts.  I started off great but last week I slacked off.  So this week I’m on a self imposed alcohol ban.  I’ll let you guys know how it works out of course.

I just ordered some underwear – in my ‘underwear’ draw there is one pair of underwear and everything else is speedos.  It isn’t something I mind but a change is as good as a holiday.

I’m starting my alcohol abstinence week by going for a swim.

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zebra said,  

A cute blonde chick? Do you know what — I think you should go for it, Dave. Strange, but true.

And then assign a false name to the lucky young lady, tell us in exquisite detail how you took her to heaven, and describe her reaction to being handed the key to all the no-strings threeway action she can take. Rooting for you as ever…

Dave Evans said,  


Thanks for the positive feedback Zebra. So far I can’t really give her a fake name as I can’t remember it.

I’ll shoot her a txt this afternoon but I’m not 100% sure what to write.


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