Busy busy busy

These last couple of weeks I haven’t been posting as much.

Just been super darn busy.  The members area of the blog is now working 100%.  I still want to make the join page prettier but it works great and that is all good, a nice way to spend 40 odd hours.

If you joined before November 23rd then your membership will not renew, it will just expire so when it does, you’ll just have to sign up again.

I have some more selfies that I want to share with you guys and yesterday I was at a friends place and stood on a set of weighing scales for the first time in ages and was pleasantly surprised, I’ve lost probably 10kgs over the last 6 months or so.  Just swimming and life as normal which is great.

I’ve got some stuff I have to finish today and hopefully tomorrow morning I can sit down, in my speedos and write some really good posts for you guys.  Cya tomorrow.

AussieBum Selfie

3 Users Responded in " Busy busy busy "

Dr. Phil said,  

All of that fucking you do must work out some muscle groups more than others, and burn a few calories, eh Dave? 😉

DennisP said,  

Very sexy in red

darren said,  

Great body in a sexy speedo, let me pull that drawstring and reveal that package.

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