Classic Black Speedos

The new additions to my speedo collection are pretty hot and I can’t wait to show them off in the bedroom to Alex, Kip or anyone else who is interested, they aren’t really pool friendly.

I suppose the red Arena speedos would be OK, I might try that next week, but the Turbo’s are a little too funky and from a distance, someone who isn’t as familiar or as passionate about speedo fashion as I am could mistaken them for underwear.  And I think it goes without saying that the black lycra g-string isn’t an option for lap swimming.  I think it would fall down anyway since there is no draw string.

So, my usual pool attire is a pair of black speedos and yesterday at the pool Alex and I were both wearing classic black lycra speedo brand speedos.  I don’t want to blow my own trumpet (I’ve tried, I’m not even close) but the two of us were talking out of the pool after our swim wearing only our speedos and it must have looked really hot!!!

If only people knew that we are both going to fuck Kip’s brains out next week when he arrives…. and we’ll all start off wearing speedos of course.

Normal Black SpeedosPlain Black SpeedosNormal Black SpeedoPlain Black SpeedoPlain Speedos

5 Users Responded in " Classic Black Speedos "

Paul said,  

Dave–what brand suit is the guy wearing on the raft in the banner of this page? I think the colors (and what is filling out the suit) are wonderful.

Paul said,  

P.S. Photo 2 is my favorite. Incredible fit on the suit and incredible body.

Darren said,  

Great selection of pics Dave, great bodies in tight fitting speedos

Darren said,  

What has happened to Pete25?

Dave Evans said,  


Those speedos are Turbo brand – I’ve just bought a pair and I’ll talk about them in a post this week.


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