How many of you guys have heard of the term ‘coed’?  This is something I heard when in Colorado but it is not a term I’ve ever heard used before.

I’m pretty sure it means a chick in uni (college as the Americans would say) but does it also apply to blokes?

Here are some amazing photos that were posted on the, in this first photo, I would have sex with every single one of those 7 college students.

Co Ed College Swimming TeamCollege Swimmers in Lycra Speedos

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Lord Stiffy said,  

These hotties are members of the Florida State University Seminoles swim team. How hot would it be to see all 5 of them in a swimsuit orgy?!

Lord Stiffy said,  

SEVEN. All SEVEN of them. Damn–they’re so hot I can’t even count straight.

Dr. Phil said,  

It’s a pretty outdated term now, Dave…it comes from the 1950s-1970s, which is when it really started to disappear, but one still hears it occasionally. It still gets used in some instances, like “co-ed dorms” (i.e. college dorms with people of various genders on the same floor), but not very often. It would only apply to blokes if they were at what were originally women’s colleges, some of which eventually went co-ed as well…so, only in rare circumstances, but it rarely gets used in the way that it gets applied to women. “I was with a co-ed at the bar the other day” would only be said about a woman; no women I’ve ever seen, heard, read, or met have ever said “I was with a co-ed” and meant “a guy.” 😉

Dave Evans said,  

Lord Stiffy,
A 7 person swimsuit orgy…. I have one condition though, everyone has to be bisexual.

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