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Quick post, I’m trying a new comments system.  The comments is something I love about blogging, I’ve read all 7,837 comments over the last decade and it is a way that I can keep my finger on the pulse of what you guys want me to be posting about.

Give the comments a try, I’ve tried to set it up so you don’t have to be logged in to comment that way people can comment anonymously.

Let me know how it goes guys.

I’ve got a surprise for you guys tomorrow…. I already wrote the post incase I have a late night and am not functioning too well in the morning.

4 Users Responded in " Comments Working "

Dave Evans said,  

Testing this out as an anonymous account – hopefully it work, I missed reading your comments guys!!!


spear said,  

no it ain’t working

Spear said,  

Going back to the old format is good, but the comments still are dysfunctional, in other works , still fucked up

Dave Evans said,  

Working perfect now, maybe you are just stupid Spear.

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