Cruise Ship Foursome

How many of you guys have been on a cruise, or even better, a gay cruise.

I had a blog reader/fan go on his first gay cruise a few years ago and he said it was amazing and he couldn’t believe how sore his cock was from all the fucking that went on.  He said that it ended up with a couple of rooms on the boat that were renounced for some pretty hot orgies.

That sounds right up my alley.

I love that these guys obviously wear speedos, you can see the speedo tan on the little brunette guy with the tattoos.  If you want to see the ‘hardcore’ pics from this shoot…. click here and join for just $5.

Gay Speedo ModelMasculine Gay ActorSpeedo Model

4 Users Responded in " Cruise Ship Foursome "

beerdoc_colorado said,  

I would think a gay themed cruise would be the ideal place (candy shop) for hunky guys wearing speedos. perhaps even ‘dave evans’ speedos.

Dave Evans said,  

Beer Doc,

How is the snow mate? Not long until I head over.

I would agree with you and think a ‘gay cruise’ would have lots of guys speedo’ing it up. After my Colorado snowboarding trip, I might have to look into such a cruise.


beerdoc_colorado said,  

if you go on a cruise, use it as a ‘business’ expense and take plenty of speedos.

its not long now that you will be arriving. we have been getting dumped with snow. all the storms from Calif. keep coming in. its all ready for you to shred and your aussie accent in the bars.

Darren said,  

Gay cruise sounds like a good plan. Be great to see loads of guys in speedos.

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