Day Hanging out in Speedos

Finally the sun is out here on the Aussie Central Coast.  I’m up early to watch the 2nd half of the Masters Golf, I don’t really watch much sport let alone golf but the Masters is pretty special.  I remember being in high school, up early watching Greg Normal choke and loose it.

It is a nice start to the week as well.

Today is looking like the weather might be better.  It isn’t like there has been no sunshine at all since I’ve been back but none of these gorgeous days with uninterrupted sunshine and no wind.  The water (ocean) temps are still pretty warm at about 22C but the air temp has been colder than that.

Since it is a nice day, I’m going to spend it wearing nothing but speedos.  Why not?  I might even see if there are any Grindr guys around later today 😉

If you walk past my house and you see me up sitting with my laptop wearing my speedos, come up and say g’day.  You should be only wearing a speedo as well though.

By the way I think that Jordan Speith is a cutie.

Lazy Speedo Guy

4 Users Responded in " Day Hanging out in Speedos "

vasy said,  

i have others hands to put on your speedo…

samspeedo said,  

Reckon there’s be a few extra hands here, vasy!

Yes, Dave, Jordan Speith is a cutie for sure! So is the guy in this very nice speedo pic! I’m hoping the guy in the photo may have knocked on your back door, there on the Central Coast!

Darren said,  

He can sit on my balcony any time, or sit anywhere else as long as I am there.

vasy said,  

yes Darren, the balcony is enough for two..or three..

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