First Speedo Fuck

Early Saturday morning here guys and I’m at my desk working and catching the end of the 2nd round of the British Open.  Really excited I know (that was sarcasm).

Last night I had a BBQ at my place and Surfer Chick was there as well as Alex and his girlfriend.  I did fuck Surfer Chick after everyone left and I was wearing a pair of black lycra speedos which was the first time I’ve worn speedos while fucking her and she didn’t object.  It sounds like she might be interested in some anal sex as I was playing with her arsehole.  That could open the door for a threesome with a guy in her pussy and a guy in her ass.

Nothing naughty otherwise, Alex looked super hot but we didn’t have a chance to do anything.  I was having a discussion with a member this morning (members of can chat to me when I’m online) and he is married to a women but has sex with guys on the side.  The conversation started wish us talking about 3 somes and he was saying that his only threesomes have been with 2 other guys and him.  For him sex with guys is purely sexual and he doesn’t consider it cheating and I kind of agree with him, although I’m sure his wife, Surfer Chick and Alex’s girlfriend might not agree.

Anyway, I’m going to leave you guys and get back to work.  I posted some great pics of a chick in a one piece swimsuit in the bath over on this morning.  Part of some promotional stuff I made up.  If that is your thing drop over and check it out.

And the pic below is pretty much what the front of my speedo looked like last night.

Speedo Boner

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Tiffani (xoxo) said,  

Peek-a-boo! Here comes my tongue sneaking underneath!
xoxo Tiffani

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