Fucked into next week

I’m a little dusty this morning (Saturday here in Aussie).  Went out to the Beery (Beer Garden) last night with the crew and had a good time although nothing naughty to report there.

Probably a good thing because yesterday afternoon I came four times and my butt was plowed hard.

Yesterday I told you guys that the Married Guy was doing to drop around at 1pm for a bit of a session.  By jumping in the ocean every hour or so I managed to avoid cumming in my speedos.  When the Married Guy arrived I was all sorts of horny and about to explode.

It is rare for me to go more than a couple of days without cumming and this was 2 or 3 days….

I opened my front door for the Married Guy wearing only my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos (pictured below).

ADIDAS Three Stripe SpeedoADIDAS Three Stripe Brief

The Married Guy was wearing a business suit.

As soon as the door was closed I attacked him.  After not being horny for a week or more I was now super super horny.  We were making out, me in a speedo, him in a suit which would have made for an interesting photo/video.  I got his jacket off, his tie off, he kicked off his shoes, I got his shirt off all the while we were making out.

I had to concentrate as I undid his belt, I undid the button on his slacks and slid his zipper down.  He was wearing lycra speedos under his slacks which didn’t take much to slip down around his ankles.

A guy in a suit wearing speedos… pretty hot.

I hadn’t had a chance to look down as we hadn’t broken our kiss, but my hands were exploring his speedo and loving the feel of it.

The Married Guy pulled his head back, unlocking our tongues.  “My wife bought me these.”

I looked down and saw that the Married Guy was wearing a pair of red speedo brand speedos.  The Married Guys speedo collection consists of one pair of AussieBums and two pairs of speedo Brand speedos, one lycra and one the nylon endurance style, both black.

“I wore them last night when I fucked her, and now I’m going to wear them when I fuck you Dave.”

I was gobsmacked!!!

I didn’t know how to respond to that, I just kept looking down between us at the view of the Married Guys classic red lycra speedo, his cock fully erect and straining against the new lycra (that his wife had picked out for him and the black lycra of my ADIDAS speedos with a growing strain of precum from where the tip of my cock was just twitching to release the mother lode.

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Eric said,  

Hey Dave, who’s the hot guy in the top pic with his jeans round his ankles? Very fuckable.

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