Great Aussie BBQ

Yesterday I hosted a BBQ and it went off great.  I’m trying to date this preschool teacher that I met a couple of weeks ago.  I’m writing about it more on the bisexual blog ( and I invited her and the rest of the gang around for a Sunday barbie.

No, we did not have shrimp on the barbie.

It turned into a bit of a session and it was stinking hot so there was lots of flesh and I’m pretty sure everyone got in the water at some point.  I’m pretty sure most of the guys were wearing speedos under their boardies but there was no speedo’ing it up unfortunately.  Alex and his girlfriend were there and Alex was walking around shirtless most of the day and I could tell that he was wearing a pair of black classic AussieBum’s – which I’ve peeled off him on numerous occasions.

All the girls were in bikinis and the preschool teacher looked pretty hot in her black bikini.

Anyways, I’m going to go for a quick swim to wake up.  The beach yesterday was packed and right now I can count on my fingers the people I can see on the beach.

Real Men Wearing AussieBum SpeedosReal Men Wear SpeedosThree Guys Wearing Speedos

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samspeedo said,  

You’re right about it being stinking hot yesterday, Dave! We got up to the early 40s around here! Happily, there was a change overnight and a bit of rain to cool things down! lol

Really love your first two pics here. Have just ordered some ice blue and red speedos from aussiebum (they have a summer sale on atm) so I’m hoping to look a bit like the guy in pic 1 on the right! I doubt it, however! I’l sure have the awesome bulge he’s got – but that’s about it!

And talking about bulges . . . some sensational junk being restrained by those awesome black narrow waist speedos in pic 2. The first guy looks like he’s about to burst out any moment!

While the guys in pic 3 look cool . . . I don’t really go for the wide waists on their speedos. Wide waists kind of take the sexiness out of some speedos.

Still, thanks for posting these, and particularly the first two!

k1speedo said,  

It sure is great BBQ weather and it’s great to see some flesh too. All 3 of these pics are great Dave, thanks for sharing.

I have a pair of those ice blue aussiebums samspeedo, they look great on but are very see thru when wet, even more than the white ones I think. Still if you have a bulge like the guy in the 1st pic then you have nothing to worry about. I was thinking of getting a pair of red too and with $10 off I think I might order a couple of other colours too.

I don’t mind the wider waists and they sure look good on the guys in the 3rd pic.

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