Guys in Red Speedos

Just in case yesterdays red speedo blowjob movie wasn’t enough.  Here is some more red speedo eye candy.

Is it weird that these photos get me hard?

Over in the members area I’ve created a gallery of guys in red speedos fucking.  I’m pretty sure that should get everyone hard.  Click here to head over there.

Driving in SpeedosRed SpeedoRed Speedo BoxingRed Speedos

And of course…. if you are a member I’ve just created a gallery of my favourite x-rated speedo photos.  Click here to check it out.

3 Users Responded in " Guys in Red Speedos "

vasy said,  

1,2,3;;My trio winner

Dr. Phil said,  

Not at all, Dave–it’s not weird. You might have very specific tastes, and a fetish even, for red speedos above all, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Unfortunately, it usually takes me more than one single factor to be visually stimulating enough. Guy #1 here is great; #2 has a good speedo, but he’s not as nice; #3 is a pretty attractive guy, but his speedo and the angle of the photo leaves a bit to be desired; and #4 would be cuter without the hipster beard, but he’s otherwise quite nice. So, for me, it takes more than the red speedo alone, and of this selection, only #1 would do it for me without much more.

Humans are weird like this…just as a single thing may be a turn-on, another single thing’s presence in an otherwise attractive person can be a turn-off as well. Alas…

darren said,  

Dave, it is not surprising these pics get you hard, they do me. No 1 has a hard on already and the others are all up ready. What colour do you like vasy?

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