Hanging out in speedos

Yesterday I posted about just hanging out in speedos with Kip.

I think I failed to mention that the two of us hanging out in speedos in the house often resulted in some spontaneous speedo sex.

Speedo KissKissing in SpeedosSpeedo CoupleCouple in Speedos

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DeepKisser said,  

There is that benefit of just hanging out in a speedo. If there is some interest, it becomes pretty apparent to see. Plus it saves all that time fumbling with buttons and zippers. Dave thanks for letting us know, we assumed you were just a couple of nuns in the convent.

Dave Evans said,  


I’m sorry I gave you that impression 😉


DeepKisser said,  

Hi Dave,

Just trying to be helpful. Like the guy in the first photo helping to wash the front of his buddy’s speedo. The guy in the last photo is just making sure everything is in the proper place, as it should be, but soon it might not fit there.

Dr. Phil said,  

This is a very nice set of photos, Dave–thanks for these! The speedo variety in these photos is very appealing…as are several of the gentlemen wearing them!

And, you can come and be a nun with me anytime, Dave–speedos and the nun headgear is a great look. 😉

k1speedo said,  

What a great set of pics Dave. Love all the different types of speedos and really love the 2 guys in the second pic. I have been to a pub called the Nunnery, so called because that’s what it used to be many years ago. Perhaps DeepKisser, Dr. Phil, myself and you should meet up there sometime Dave and discuss our naughty habits haha.

Dr. Phil said,  

Interesting, k1speedo!

I actually used to live in a former convent for a few years, which still had an active chapel in it…and the things I got up to there would have made certain religious bodies very upset indeed! 😉

Perhaps we could invite some Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence along as well–one I used to know locally looked great in a speedo and habit!

SwimJock said,  

What brand are the speedos in the second picture?

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