Having a beer in speedos

Tell you what guys, this cold weather is making me crave summer.

Sitting out on my backyard wearing speedos, with my laptop and a beer is just a summer memory.  Maybe I will have to go on a sunny vacation if this keeps up.

Beers in SpeedosHaving a beer in speedosBeer and Speedos

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

ok, it might depend where you are, but always try to drink a beer out of a clean glass (not bottle, oops exception on pic #1, corona, it dont matter). i prefer a nice cold one when i am in the plunge pool working on my tan. pic #3 is a nice suit.

samspeedo said,  

Agree about pic #3 . . . nice use of colours, nice body and awesome bulge!

Darren said,  

Great pics Dave, I do like yellow speedos and the guy in pic 1 on the right is perfect, but pic 3 is great, not sure I like the pattern but the contents!! wow.

DeepKisser said,  

Photo #1, Corona “find your beach”. I see the 2 guys are using a boat to find their beach. Or they are using the boat to search for some limes. Good times had by all.

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