Horrible Speedos

These AussieBum speedos in the pics below are horrible!!!

The model is gorgeous and I actually like the cut of the AussieBum classics but who in the world would make them in this colour?

I haven’t heard from Alex but I’ll be heading to the pool in a few hours so hopefully he’ll be there.  Maybe I’ll take a pair of speedos for him – actually I don’t think he has a pair of my DE Swimwear, I’ll take him a signed pair, maybe that will cheer him up.

Horrible Speedo ColourHorrible Speedo Color

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Darren said,  

I agree, terrible colour, I would not wear this colour, certainly not in public.

electric2010 said,  

Actually, I’m a fan of unusual colors. I find this color very interesting & would buy it.

Dave, hope things go well with Alex…

Spear said,  

I had a pair of the light colored suit. The wonder jock model. Sort of like someone had their hand on your cock. I rather liked it. It was a bit shear when it got wet, if they wanted to look, let them.

Sam Speedo said,  

Yeah . . . the lighting in the second pic is a lot better, eh! I don’t mind the lighter shade of the olive colour . . . but wouldn’t rush out to buy a pair!

fred said,  

I don’t see a problem with the color. And speaking about “horrible”: nothing can be as horrible as the trashbags (also called “boardies”), which most men like to wear these days.

I would be delighted, if at least a few men would show a little bit good taste by exchanging their trashbags against aussiebums like these (regardless which color).

Eric Rex said,  

I usually find your judgement impeccable, but I like this colour, always have.

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