How do you like your speedos?

I last posted on Saturday around lunch time.  I’m sorry for not posting since then BUT Saturday night turned in a HUGE night and surprisingly for me, I backed up and Sunday became another HUGE night.

Right now it is Tuesday night and finally I feel half normal again.  Nothing naughty to report, just some guys from Sydney were up and things just kept going later and later.  Lots of fun but I hate wasting what feels like 2 days of the week.

Now I’m back though, going to the pool early tomorrow because Alex can’t make it at lunch time.

My new project though it to pull my finger out and get the new DE Swimwear line moving.  I’ve got so many ideas on the product I want, I’ve had samples made up and I think there is a demand for what I can create.  On top of that, I have you guys to tell me if my DE Swimwear are good or bad.  And one last thing, I think some brands are getting a little big for their speedos when they are charging up to, and even more than US$40 for a speedo.

Here is a little question for you guys.  Which of the three cuts of speedos below do you like the most?  Helps when the 3 models are all perfect speedo specimens.

My personal preference is the one on the left worn low on the hips.

Three Fit Guys

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dd-bos said,  

I agree with you, Dave, the one on the left is the best. Wouldn’t kick ANY of those guys out of bed for what they’re wearing though, lol

Darren said,  

I prefer the one on the right, a briefer cut and still worn low on the hips. I would not throw any out of bed either.

DeepKisser said,  


I like the smaller sides, so I like the one on the right best, then the one on the left and third the one in the middle. Show us the back too?

Spear said,  

Less is always more. The skimpy sides would be my choice. High cut in the legs and a back seem can feel good if the suit is a bit snug. Light colors with some that are see thru when wet.

beachie1 said,  

I prefer the one on the right Dave

Sam Speedo said,  

Like many of the above guys, I love the speedo on the right! Prefer skimpy sides on my speedos, a seam at the back for a snugger fit and a good high cut. These cuts show of your assets far better and look fantastic either in the water or posing out of it.

Agree with you about the cost of speedos these days. They’re getting higher and higher. If you have a limited range of colours and a wide range of sizes, I think you’d find a ready market for any line you develop.

A single lined front would make quite a statement, too! What do you (or others) think?

Spear said,  

I have taken out any liner, front, back or whole liner. Feels better and shows a profile better.

Spear said,  

And it doesn’t squash the goodies god gave men with the liners gone

Paul said,  

My preference would be influenced by where I was wearing it. The one on the left woould be a little more conservative for lap swimming in a mixed crowd pool.

Overall, I like the one on the right, as I prefer the higher cut on the leg in both underwear and swimwear.

I don’t know if those shown in the photo are actual manufacturer samples from the factory you are interviewing, Dave, but if so, make sure they look at the lay of the lower edge of the suit as it doesn’t look like it is laying flat on the left leg.

From a marketing standpoint, I don’t think it would be wise for you to ever consider any kind of square cut suit, Dave, as I don’t think its your market.

Dr. Phil said,  

On other people, I prefer to look at the one on the right.

On myself, I’d prefer the one on the left–it would be more flattering to my physique at the moment.

The middle one is nice, but it would look awful on me, and on someone who was as hot as that guy is, I’d prefer him wearing the one on the right.

Bi_Sporty said,  

For sure the one on the right, any time!

Guto said,  

I love the left one. But here in Brazil guys just use the on in the middle

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