I Blew My Landlord

After my morning walk/swim/coffee today I got back to my unit complex and crossed paths with my landlord.  We chatted for a few minutes, he thanked me for having him for drinks last night and we both said that we were a little bit hungover this morning but nothing a swim in the ocean couldn’t fix.

The last thing he said to me was “Thanks for… you know.”

“Anytime” I replied as I headed back to my unit.

I’m glad he remembered what we did last night, and I’m glad that it might happen again.

Do you guys want to know what happened?

I’ve got to finish adding some movies to SpeedoFetish.com, once I’m done with that I’ll finish writing about what happened. I’m glad it wasn’t too awkward this morning.  Yes, this happened last night.

I’m pretty horny today so I’ve messaged the 22yo guy that I fucked a few weeks ago, hopefully he will come over because I need to fuck something!!!

Photos like this don’t help my craving….

Speedo Butt

And I particularly like how my speedo butt looks in my new blue speedo (selfie taken a few months ago now).

My Speedo Selfies

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