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Front or Back?

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Do you prefer the view of a speedo from the front or form the bacK?

I honestly can’t decide…..

Speedo FrontSpeedo Bum

Between these two pics… I’ll vote for the front view.  Only because of the speedo boner.

October 9th, 2021

A Great Speedo Butt

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Just a quick blog post this morning, it is a rainy old winters day here and I have a huge list of work to do today (no distractions like going to the pool or the beach).  I started at 6am this morning (I worked in bed for two cups of coffee and I’m expecting to be working until 7:30pm tonight.

There is a football game on later and my landlord is going to come up to watch it.

I hope he is horny because I need a good fucking.

I think my speedo butt is pretty tight but not as tight as this one…. what do you guys have lined up for the weekend?

This photo is today’s Speedo Photo of the Day over on my site

Asian Butt in Yellow Speedos

July 9th, 2021

I Blew My Landlord

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After my morning walk/swim/coffee today I got back to my unit complex and crossed paths with my landlord.  We chatted for a few minutes, he thanked me for having him for drinks last night and we both said that we were a little bit hungover this morning but nothing a swim in the ocean couldn’t fix.

The last thing he said to me was “Thanks for… you know.”

“Anytime” I replied as I headed back to my unit.

I’m glad he remembered what we did last night, and I’m glad that it might happen again.

Do you guys want to know what happened?

I’ve got to finish adding some movies to, once I’m done with that I’ll finish writing about what happened. I’m glad it wasn’t too awkward this morning.  Yes, this happened last night.

I’m pretty horny today so I’ve messaged the 22yo guy that I fucked a few weeks ago, hopefully he will come over because I need to fuck something!!!

Photos like this don’t help my craving….

Speedo Butt

And I particularly like how my speedo butt looks in my new blue speedo (selfie taken a few months ago now).

My Speedo Selfies

April 10th, 2021

Beautiful Beach Days

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Friday afternoon here in Australia and I am back in the office (I work from home) and ready for a big few days catching up. It is all my own fault for spending a bit too much time at the beach the last two days.

I wore my new blue speedos (if you are a member drop me an email if you are interested in what brand and where to buy them).

Thursday was beautiful and I drove up the coast about 45 minutes to a beach that is generally pretty quiet.  I found an amazing spot and had it all to myself.  I think one old lady walked past later in the day and that was it!!!

Today, I thought I had arranged for a couple of guys to join me.

I wanted to show off my new speedos and was going to share my quiet little beach spot but both guys were all of a sudden not online this morning and only messaged me late in the day with some pathetic excuse.  It is a pain and I’d prefer it if they messaged me early saying they had chickened out of if something had actually come up but it isn’t the first time any of us have had it happen I’m sure.

Despite the lack of company, I had an amazing couple of days.

And now, this weekend I’m going to be working by butt off catching up on things.

Here are some more selfies of mine from the beach (I was hoping someone else could have taken some photos).  Sorry if you aren’t a member and can’t see the photos.  This is why I created the members area, so that I could share more of my speedo selfies.  I want to share them, but I don’t really want them to be 100% public since I am not out to my family and most of my friends and the Evil Speedo Corporation has tried to sue me in the past so don’t really want them knowing exactly what beach I hang out.

I love how my butt looks in these new speedos!!!

February 5th, 2021

Colorado is a Zoo

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Bit of a zoo here in Colorado this weekend for ‘Presidents Day Holiday’ on Monday. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about it when I booked my trip but it really wouldn’t have mattered.

Instead of joining the masses on the slopes, Kip and I enjoyed a little bit of a sleep in and are pounding…. the keyboards today working on a bunch of stuff.

Kip has some people coming for dinner tomorrow night and I’m going to cook up some Australian lamb (we bought from Costco) and that is about it.

One of my jobs today was to create some promotional galleries and this is something I was working on.

Anyone know where I could buy the purple speedo on this first guy?

Boardshorts are for Sissies

Those are some pretty tastey speedo butts!!!

If you were a member (it is only $5) you would also be seeing some photos of my speedo clad butt…. but that is for members only.  If you’d like to join – click here.

February 15th, 2020

Red Speedos

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Yesterday I posted photos of some questionalable speedo colour choices, so today I’m going to share with you guys a bunch of hot guys wearing the classic red speedo.

The only red speedo I have in my speedo collection is a weird pair of AussieBums that I don’t really wear to the pool.  In my up coming speedo shopping I will be adding just a classic pair of red speedos that I can lap swim with – maybe Speedo brand but probably Arena..

There is just something a little bit naughty about red speedos that make them so hot don’t you think?

December 3rd, 2017
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