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Colorado is a Zoo

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Bit of a zoo here in Colorado this weekend for ‘Presidents Day Holiday’ on Monday. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about it when I booked my trip but it really wouldn’t have mattered.

Instead of joining the masses on the slopes, Kip and I enjoyed a little bit of a sleep in and are pounding…. the keyboards today working on a bunch of stuff.

Kip has some people coming for dinner tomorrow night and I’m going to cook up some Australian lamb (we bought from Costco) and that is about it.

One of my jobs today was to create some promotional galleries and this is something I was working on.

Anyone know where I could buy the purple speedo on this first guy?

Boardshorts are for Sissies

Those are some pretty tastey speedo butts!!!

If you were a member (it is only $5) you would also be seeing some photos of my speedo clad butt…. but that is for members only.  If you’d like to join – click here.

February 15th, 2020

Best Butts

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There is a post over on about great speedo butts.

Most of the photos I’ve already posted on this blog but I didn’t think you guys would complain about these speedo butts…..

The topic on the forum is here:

Joining The Speedo Forum is free, you just have to email me when you join so I can activate your account (only way I’ve figured out to stop the spammers on the site).

Beautiful SpeedosTight Butt in SpeedosRiding ArseNice BumNice Speedo Butt

September 2nd, 2014

Speedo Bums

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What a sad day with the news of Robin Williams.  He was someone that was a staple growing up.

I once had a business mentor who outwardly seemed like the happiest guy ever.  He had a beautiful family, he had a small marketing business which was hard work but doing OK and I found out years later that he suffered from depression in a big way.  The last person I would have expected.

I suppose I get stressed and down sometimes but I don’t think I understand what people with depression really go through.  Particularly this community is vulnerable to some pretty big issues with coming out and family.

Feel free to share your comments on this.

On to more positive things, guess who is taking Friday afternoon off work?  Alex…..  What do you guys think that the three of us speedo boys should get up to?

Nice BumSpeedo BunsWhite Speedo Bum

August 12th, 2014
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