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What a sad day with the news of Robin Williams.  He was someone that was a staple growing up.

I once had a business mentor who outwardly seemed like the happiest guy ever.  He had a beautiful family, he had a small marketing business which was hard work but doing OK and I found out years later that he suffered from depression in a big way.  The last person I would have expected.

I suppose I get stressed and down sometimes but I don’t think I understand what people with depression really go through.  Particularly this community is vulnerable to some pretty big issues with coming out and family.

Feel free to share your comments on this.

On to more positive things, guess who is taking Friday afternoon off work?  Alex…..  What do you guys think that the three of us speedo boys should get up to?

Nice BumSpeedo BunsWhite Speedo Bum

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k1speedo said,  

I agree Dave, Robin Williams is a big loss. His humour was some of the best and even his serious movies are great (a young Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting is also very hot). Depression is a very well hidden disease and is very common in the gay community. Like you Dave, I’m not ‘out’ to many people. I struggle with it and I’m never to sure which would be better, stay in the closet or be out to everyone. It’s a tricky one.

Love all 3 pics of speedo bums. Wish I was around to see your 3 butts when you get together on Friday. You should each wear a different style/colour of speedo use a few of your new toys and have a hot sexy threesome, perhaps on the beach.

Paul said,  

Losing Robin Williams (and now Lauren Bacall) has been a real blow to world of entertainment.

As far as the photos, they are all hot. Being a photo retouching artist for a fashion magazine, Image 2 was a bit over worked retouching wise for my taste.

Sam Speedo said,  

Yes . . . the loss of Robin Williams was a tragedy and Lauren Bacall’s passing ends another connection to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Both were outstanding performers as well as great human beings!

While I’m pretty sure Robin Williams wouldn’t have issues of sexuality to contend with (I assume), I nevertheless suspect the higher rate of adolescent suicide these days has a bit to do with emerging sexual identity and a feeling of hopelessness – particularly amongst younger men in rural / isolated areas – about their situation. A real tragedy, too.

Love all three pics . . . love a great, form-fitting speedo that presents butts in a firm manner! Mr Basil is particularly hot!!

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