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Beautiful Beach Days

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Friday afternoon here in Australia and I am back in the office (I work from home) and ready for a big few days catching up. It is all my own fault for spending a bit too much time at the beach the last two days.

I wore my new blue speedos (if you are a member drop me an email if you are interested in what brand and where to buy them).

Thursday was beautiful and I drove up the coast about 45 minutes to a beach that is generally pretty quiet.  I found an amazing spot and had it all to myself.  I think one old lady walked past later in the day and that was it!!!

Today, I thought I had arranged for a couple of guys to join me.

I wanted to show off my new speedos and was going to share my quiet little beach spot but both guys were all of a sudden not online this morning and only messaged me late in the day with some pathetic excuse.  It is a pain and I’d prefer it if they messaged me early saying they had chickened out of if something had actually come up but it isn’t the first time any of us have had it happen I’m sure.

Despite the lack of company, I had an amazing couple of days.

And now, this weekend I’m going to be working by butt off catching up on things.

Here are some more selfies of mine from the beach (I was hoping someone else could have taken some photos).  Sorry if you aren’t a member and can’t see the photos.  This is why I created the members area, so that I could share more of my speedo selfies.  I want to share them, but I don’t really want them to be 100% public since I am not out to my family and most of my friends and the Evil Speedo Corporation has tried to sue me in the past so don’t really want them knowing exactly what beach I hang out.

I love how my butt looks in these new speedos!!!

February 5th, 2021
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