I wore red speedos today

In May I got the courage to wear a pair of white speedos to the pool for the first time and today I sacked up and wore red speedos for the first time.

Nobody cared but I definitely felt naughty.  That is a bit of a lie, Alex noticed and thought it was pretty hot.  I’m going to give them to him so that he can wear them next at the pool.

Here is some red speedo eye candy for you guys.

Red Nike SpeedoClassic Red SpeedoGuys in red speedosRed Speedo PackageSpeedo Car Wash Guy

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k1speedo said,  

I have often worn red speedos in public and never had a problem with it but have never worn white, just a bit too revealing. I have a pair of red and white stripe aussiebums which I never worn in public either, some speedos take a bit more courage than others. Good on you Dave for wearing red and let us know if Alex gets in to them….

electric2010 said,  

I’ll bet you looked real good in that red arena! Wish I had the nerve to wear mine in public.

Dave Evans said,  

K1 – yeah some speedos don’t take any courage and some tack lots of courage. I remember a few years back and I didn’t have any plain, boring speedos which I kinda needed because I was hanging out with a mate at the surf club.

Electric – it is tough mate but I’ll support you mate.


walt said,  

Come on guys….this life is not a dress rehearsal..it is all you will get..live it!!–so take the inside linings out of your suits, pick a show off color, get an attitude like you don’t know your showing and show your VPL…no one will say a thing…because that would indicate that they are looking at you.. women have no problem showing off their nipples…GO FOR IT…I am aussie bums at the pool and VPL exercise tights around doing errands..and I say I have just came from the gym…women wear tight exercise pants every where all the time….SHOW YOUR VPL !!

William said,  

Red speedos – they definitely look great. Happy to have them myself also. Red is the colour of boldness.

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