Interesting Square Cuts

I have no idea what these are;

  • Are they underwear?
  • Are they swimwear?
  • Are they just shorts to be worn out on the town?

Would love to know what you think they are.

Strange Square CutsShorts, underwear or swimwear

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Spear said,  

Don’t know if I’d ever get into those. But you could wear them for whatever from fucking to swimming. Or both at once. I think I’ve seen them advertised as swimwear however. And they are a bit pricey for what they are

vasy said,  

Just one minute, i have looking for cisors..

DonFL said,  

I found the website that markets these and several other very, very skimpy “underwear”, which are called “PQ14205 Boxer Majax Color Black”:

Their main page for this collection starts here:


Dave Evans said,  

Interesting they are only on one side.

Thanks for the research DonFL


Darren said,  

I am not sure about the square cuts but I like the contents. If one of those guys turned up I would not care what he was wearing.

ps1541 said,  

Very pricey for a novelty swimsuit. I’ll stick with Aussiebum and Turbo.

Dr. Phil said,  

That company makes more underwear than swimwear, to my knowledge. But, why not use them for either? And they’re not really that expensive; for a swimsuit that is decent, that’s about average price. (I’ve seen good quality cockering that are more expensive!)

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