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Super late night post here guys, I’m just about to head to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a big day…. Alex and his new ‘boyfriend’ Adam have invited me to an orgy at Adam’s.  Some guys from Sydney are coming up and I’m really looking forward to it.  I will tell you more about it tomorrow.

What I did want to post about tonight is…..  has anyone ever heard of Inty Men Swimwear?

This months ‘Free Speedo’ winner chose a pair of Inty Men square cuts that look fantastic (pictured below).  Curious to hear if anyone has heard of this brand.

The deal is, each month I can give away a free pair of speedos from the online store  The winner gets to pick pretty much anything from their store.  It started about 9 months ago when the guys from emailed me asking if they could send me products to promote and I thought it would be much cooler if I was able to give away a pair each month to new members.  I do love my members.

So far the arrangement has worked out great and I can’t believe how quick the guys from ship stuff out.  They sent me some dork shorts for my Lake Powell trip, fortunately on that trip I didn’t wear dork shorts at all…. hehehe.

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Dr. Phil said,  

I’m familiar with the company, but more their underwear than their swimwear…a lot of the former looks great, but not all of it has ended up fitting great for me personally, but then again I’m a bit weird.

Nonetheless, their stuff does look pretty good in most cases.

Mensuas, incidentally, is awesome, and they do great work! 😉

Dave Evans said,  

Thanks for the feedback Dr. Phil – I think I might have to look into getting some Inty gear, since posting about this I’ve heard nothing but positive things.


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