Josh wants to play

Last night I received another email from Josh (the guy who saw me in my Aussie Turbo speedos at the pool on Friday) saying that while he is 90% str8 he would be interested in playing with Kip and I if we are interested.

Josh went into detail that the only times he has been with a guy was as part of threesomes and he has sucked cock but not a whole lot (ie never taken a creaming mouthful) and he has had his cock sucked.

Also, Josh doesn’t own a pair of speedos and I really don’t know where he would get a pair up here in the mountains.  Of course Kip and I have spares but if we are providing 2 cocks, 2 willing arseholes and the hottub it might be taking the Mickey a little bit to ask us to bring the speedos as well.

What do you guys think?

Josh said he does have some rugby shorts though…..

Red Shorts

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Dr. Phil said,  

I’d stipulate that he come in something…which is to say, “arrive to play with you in something” that is appropriate. (He might come/cum in it later, though!)

Surely, he can get on Amazon, look up a speedo he likes that is inexpensive, and have it sent priority mail, etc. There are tons of websites that offer faster deliveries. If he got on and ordered something tonight, and paid the extra for shipping, it could be to him by Wednesday…Kiefer, Swim Outlet, Mensuas, Audace, Skiviez, Be-Brief, Andrew Christian are all ones that have these that I can think of off the top of my head, too.

Failing that, there’s got to be a Big 5 Sporting Goods store nearby–they always have at least a few rather basic Speedo suits, as well as Nike and (often) Dolfin or Tyr, perhaps even Arena in some cases.

It’s do-able, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask him to go and get the proper attire. If you ran a nice restaurant and required jackets and ties, you wouldn’t make an exception. You run a Speedo-based website, and he wants to have some fun with its proprietors…wear the damn uniform! 😉

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