I am a fan of kissing!!!

One of the guys I picked up on Grindr last week didn’t want to be kissed and I thought that was a shame.

I’ve spoken before about the taboo of guys kissing vs girls kissing (I’m a huge fan of 2 girls kissing as well).

So I’d love to know if you guys are big kissers or could do with out it?

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Ste said,  

Oh yeah, bring it on.

Sper said,  

Kissing goes without saying. Like a man and a women, they do it all the time.. So why not two guys who love each other. Kissing amplifies the love a man can have for his mate. Kissing before making love, always……………….. and afterwards too.

Ben S said,  

I love kissing, it allows the tounge to go to work and hands can work around the body, really intimate.

DeepKisser said,  

Yes, kissing is VERY important if there is going to be a connection. It is part of opening up to the other person. It helps to express passion and desire. But did you expect anything different from my sign-in name?

Dave Evans said,  

Thanks for your comments guys – great that you all love kissing but I have to admit last week wasn’t the first time I have been with a guy who doesn’t like guy/guy kissing.

I had a similar discussion about oral vs penetration and I personally find oral sex much more intimate than penetration…. I’ll post about that later in the week.


DeepKisser said,  

I have met a few guys (one time) that did not kiss. They will play orally, but not kiss. Weird.

camillus said,  

I did not kiss the first time I had sex w/ a guy thought it would make me queer, sucked his dick, jacked him off, but was still denying I was straight, God what a waste if I kissed him I might have come to terms with it earlier, love kissing could do that all night long.

Sam Speedo said,  

Love kissing! It’s a really intimate way of getting to know another guy. It’s also very erotic and helps get me all horny for what comes after . . . really love having sex, laying on my back, and having guy on top, penetrating me and kissing at the same time . . . one of the most satisfying positions (and actions) I think there is. Bring it on . . . !

beerdoc_colorado said,  

ditto all the above. makes me feel like floating. especially the loooooong kisses šŸ™‚

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