Late night fuck

Have you ever been on a date with a girl…. that ended up with you fucking a guy?

That is exactly what happened last night to me.

My date with Surfer Chick went great, we laughed a bunch and she is awesome.  I didn’t hit on her too much and I did get a kiss when I dropped her back at her apartment which really isn’t that far from my place.  I think there is some potential there but I can never read chicks if I’m in or if I’m not in.  Turns out she is friends with Alex’s girlfriend who really likes me (despite me fucking her boyfriend on a regular basis).

When I got back in my car after dropping off Surfer Chick, there was a text from Alex saying he was out at the pub on his own and super horny.

I texted him back saying I’d pick him up if he liked.

“Perfect” was his reply.

I picked up Alex at the pub and drove back to my place.  Alex’s girlfriend was having a girls night out so he didn’t have to be home until late.

Walking in my door it was obvious Alex was horny and maybe a little drunk.  He pretty much jumped me once the door was closed.

I mentioned to you guys that I wore speedos on my date, I wore my red arena speedos which I was thinking would surprise the Surfing Chick if she wanted to take my pants off.  She didn’t get to take my pants off but Alex did.

Speedo Removal

Alex’s wasn’t wearing speedos but by the time I got his jeans off, I pretty much tore his Calvin Klein boxers off.

With Alex being a little bit hammered he was keen to be fucked and I was more than happy to oblige.  With Alex on my bed, buck naked, I lubed up his arse really well.  I pulled my cock out the leg of my red speedos, put on a condom and rubbed more lube all over it.

Then I slowly slid my cock into Alex’s arse.  I was nice and slow, it is only the 3rd or 4th time Alex has been fucked and I didn’t want to hurt him…. too much.

I finally got my cock all the way inside Alex.  With my cock all the way in I began a tiny little thust and Alex was moaning really loudly.  It wasn’t long until Alex was getting close and he was talking dirty to me about fucking him and then he started cumming.  Alex then begged me to stop which I did.

I very very very slowly pulled my rock hard cock out of Alex’s arse and I could tell that hurt a little bit.  He was still panting from his orgasm though.

Alex rolled over and I saw the mess that he had left on my bed.

Speedo Cum

I thought it was only fair that since Alex made a mess, I should make a mess….. on him.  With Alex now on his back, I slid up and straddled his chest.  I pulled off the condom and started jerking off.  It didn’t take me long then and my first ‘rope’ landed on Alex’s face and the subsequent jizz landed on his chest and neck.

Cumming on a guy

Alex and I both jumped in the shower and I cleaned the cum off his chin.  We had a drink and talked about my date with Surfer Chick before I dropped Alex home.  Maybe in the future Surfer Chick can join Alex and I?

Forced GayGuy forced to suck cock

7 Users Responded in " Late night fuck "

vasy said,  

first pic of course…

Dave Evans said,  

He is a cutie isn’t he Vasy!!!

beerdoc_colorado said,  

the red speedos you wore were appropriate on your nite out.

Dave Evans said,  

Beer Doc,

I did put some thought into what underwear/speedos I would wear under my jeans.

My theory was that if Surfer Chick removed my jeans then she’d either laugh or be turned on and better I find that out now than later.

She has texted me telling me she had a great night…. if she only knew that I had a great night too.


Tiffani (xoxo) said,  

xoxo Tiff

Darren said,  

Vasy, we have the same tastes, I think the guy in the first pic is just perfect, pity he does not shave all that hair off. Vasy you have not joined that chat line so we can chat.

DeepKisser said,  

Good for Alex for contacting Dave, good for Dave for knowing Alex. Surfer Chick is taking it slow and steady?

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