Laziest Sunday on the Calendar

Today is the laziest day in Australia….. it is Bathurst Sunday.

I can hear a majority of my readers saying “WTF is Bathurst?”  It is a car race, goes for like 7 hours.  I don’t really care about auto racing (I watch the F1 but I don’t care if I miss it) but this Sunday normally has the weather getting a little warmer and it is just an all day chilling out affair.

This morning I was up early and watched Australia beat Wales in the rugby world cup, I went back to bed then got up for a surf with the boys, went back to bed for a couple of hrs and now I’m up ready to attack the day.  Everyone will be coming over to my place throughout the day (being 7 hours it doesn’t really matter if you don’t watch every minute of the race).  I’ve moved the TV outside, the BBQ is ready, the neighbour chicks will partake during the day.

Should be a hoot.

I’ll be trying not to drink too much or I’ll end up like this guy……

Hung Over in Speedos

One thing I want to tell you guys about, a fan sent me through a story about when he was 18yo and had his first sexual experience while wearing a pair of speedos.  I read it this morning (about an hour ago) and I did blow a load in my red speedos.  No kidding, I was sitting at my breckfast bar in my red speedos, I was hard just starting to read it and when I finished, it didn’t take me long rubbing the outside of my speedo to start cumming.

I wanted to wear my red speedos all day so I went for a quick swim in the ocean to clean them.  It was pretty hot – I’ve posted it over on so head over there and check it out if you are interested.

Girls Sucking Speedo Guy

3 Users Responded in " Laziest Sunday on the Calendar "

Spear said,  

This used to be a good site to look at. It’s become something less lately. Is this the symptom of “members only”. If so, there are a shitload of other site like this around. And it don’t cost a fucking dime. Seems the comments section has been closed unless I pay $5.00. Fuck no! So good bye.

Dave Evans said,  


I personally struggle to find sites like this, others using free hosts, popups, shitty photos, no videos. But posting those things takes time.

I appreciate the support of the members, there is still tonnes of free stuff here but it was getting to a point where I would have had to stop posting as often because I have to pay my rent.

Nobody is keeping you here mate, but if you love speedos, I’m sure you’ll be back. Until then, good bye.


Tiffani Lyn Love said,  

I’d love to be the girl in that pic, doing what she’s doing to that nice huge cock.

xoxo Tiff

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