Lockroom Sex

Sunday night here in Colorado and it is DUMPING snow.  I’ve had a few trips here now and I’ve never seen it with this much snow around.  It is awesome.

Kip and I snowboarded a little on Saturday but it was bloody busy.  Then we went out and partied with some of Kip’s mates, ended up back in the hottub for some sloppy drunk sex (just Kip and I) and we had decided that we’d sleep in so we did that.  Then had some hungover sex throughout the afternoon.

I felt like I needed to get out and do some kind of exercise and kill the last of my hangover so I went to the Breckenridge Rec Center for a late afternoon swim. I’ve been swimming a bit back in Aussie, at least 3 times a week but swimming at 9,000 feet above sea level is a lot different.  My split times are way down.

Because speedos aren’t really done here I wore jammers but might speedo it up next time.  I think it is funny that guys will walk around the change room naked, but then put on dork shorts to lap swim?  What is with that?

The place is pretty busy so I doubt there is any real option of some locker room fun but if I speedo it up maybe I’ll get some attention.

OK guys, I think I need to pour some duty free, strip down to my speedos and get in the hottub with Kip…. quiet night because we have to get first chair tomorrow.

Lockerroom Blowjob

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Dr. Phil said,  

Jammers, Dave…a not-perfect-but-better-than-the-alternative option when you’re in a non-speedo friendly place, but don’t want to do the dork shorts thing. Or, a somewhat larger/fuller midcut or squarecut.

part of the fun for me, on many occasions, has been watching others squirm–or stare, depending on who they are!–at the sight of me in speedos. (And the squirmers are probably the ones who most want to get in on locker room action themselves…!?!)

I could say much about the psychology of guys in locker rooms here, but I’ll save that dissertation for another time. 😉

DeepKisser said,  

You should wear your speedo for laps. It is not unheard of to wear a Speedo, plus you are from Australia, so it would be completely understandable, as it would if you were from Brazil.

Dave Evans said,  

Thanks Dr. Phil, I look forward to reading that paper on American guys locker room behavior.

Deep Kisser, I do have a pair of Aussie Turbo speedos with me, they are a little tight but next time I go to the pool I think I’ll wear those.


Anthony said,  

Hi Dave: Sounds like U R enjoying your time in USA, while U have snow it is hot here on east coast of Australia 35- 37 degrees, great beach weather!
BTW I reckon you should wear your speedos at the swimming centre -who knows maybe you can start a trend!

DeepKisser said,  

The Aussie Turbo’s will be perfect, with the kangaroos on them, that will give guys the idea to check out your pouch! Good swimmers and divers on High School and College teams wear Speedos. Plus water polo players.

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