Massage Erection

The topic of massage came up yesterday sitting around the BBQ with the boys (my str8 mates).  I think it started when one of the guys, again, he is 100% str8 as far as I know (he thinks I’m 100% str8 too so I suppose that doesn’t really matter), anyway this guy mentioned that he gets at least one professional massage a week, normally after a big gym session.

I am a huge fan of massages in the bedroom, I’ll admit this has worked well for me with the ladies in the past.

But going to strangers for massages just isn’t my thing.  Like the guy in the picture below, I’m always trying not to get a boner and because I’m trying not to get a boner I’m always told that I’m very tense.  Hahaha – chicken and the egg right.

I remember a few years ago being at a friends wedding and her Aunty was this hoot of an old lady who ran a proper massage place in a big casino here in Aussie and she was joking about the number of guys who would get an erection while getting a massage.  This lady was around 70yo and she said she thought it was good for her ego that she could still get a rise out of guys in their 20’s.

The consensus among most of my buddies during our Sunday afternoon session was the same as mine.  Love massages in the bedroom, kinda uncomfortable elsewhere.

Would love to her what you guys think.


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Spear said,  

If there is a hunky guy doing the massage, yeah I’d get boned up at some point. And I wouldn’t be embarrasses about it either. Most likely the guy has seen it all before many times. Men get hard with the right stimuli. If it was a female. not much would happen.

Sam Speedo said,  

Yeah . . . I usually bone up during a massage as well. Sure helps if the masseur is an attractive guy. Still, when my f*ck bud massages me I harden up nicely, thinking about what is about to slide inside me in the bedroom!

Spear said,  

For sure. My husband gets his hands on me and starts massaging me, I lose all control and just wait for the finale.

Dr. Phil said,  

Not surprisingly, it seems, I’m a big weirdo when it comes to this…

When people have tried giving me massages in the bedroom, I usually end up thinking, “that’s not a very good massage!” When I’ve given them, they’ve been enjoyed, but I have not done it too many times…and, in any case, it was just foreplay, or was intended as such by the one receiving it.

I’ve had them on a few occasions from both male and female massage therapists (though mostly female), and they are always fantastic…and, it has nothing sexual or erotic about it, even though the guy on one occasion was extremely hot, and some of the women have been, too (but were friends of mine previously). I’ve only been completely naked for one of them, and it was probably the least potentially sexually-suggestive one that I had.

At the moment, if you were to ask me if a really hot person could come over and either give me a full-body massage or have some sexual sporting with me, I’d opt for the massage. I can get myself off whenever I want or need to; it’s not every day that I can have someone help me out with all of the aches, pains, wear and tear that I have in my body due to ergonomic incompatibility with the world (i.e. being too tall and thus having horrible posture, etc.). Oh well…

I did wear speedos under my towel one time, and I think it really surprised the (young Irish woman) massage therapist at the hotel where I was staying…but it drew no comments or anything from her. (Though I can only imagine what she might have said in the break room afterwards with her friends!)

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