Membership Update

Now that I finally feel like I’m back on top of some things I can focus on some other stuff.

I’m just about to sent out an email to the existing and past members of this blog explaining what I am about to here.  But if anyone has any specific questions that I don’t cover, feel free to drop me an email –

Why is there a ‘membership’?

Back in September Alex was going through his breakup with his girlfriend and he and I were fucking like rabbits.  I was sharing this with my readers/fans but I was a little concerned for privacy for Alex and myself.  Being able to share with you guys some private things is what has made this blog so successful over the last 10 years.

Also, the time I spend writing up some of my experiences and the photo shoots was starting to get out of hand.  I was spending 4 hours a day on this blog and although it does promote my site, I just couldn’t justify spending that kind of time without the blog helping to pay the rent in some way.

I love this blog. I love sharing my experiences with you guys and I don’t like to half-arse things.  So, in order to keep the blog running I decided to trial a $5 monthly membership.  This also addressed some of the privacy issues since some of my experiences are now not 100% public.

What does ‘membership’ give you?

Since I started the ‘membership’ I have been blogging just as much as I usually do but now I just restrict some posts.  For example, yesterdays story about Alex’s first time having a cock in his arse was 2,350 words for members but only a sample for non-members.  Tomorrow there is a new model gallery that will only show one photo for non-members.

Later today, members will have a new sample movie which is a new thing for the blog – with over 5,000 daily readers posting movies just kills my bandwidth, but it is something I love sharing with you guys.

I have been amazed at the popularity of the $5 membership, I really appreciate your support and it has allowed me to spend more time on the blog delivering something that I know you guys want.


What does it say on a credit card statement?

I’m not out to all my friends and family so discretion is important to me.  Accordingly the following will come up on your credit card statement:

“ *Gocah”

What about is my flagship website.  I started it even before I started blogging. has over 85 hours of movies.  6,500 photos, dozens of hot models including amateur solo guys who wanted to wanted to show off in their speedos, some of whom are fans of this blog.  The site also has a HUGE archive of all my stories as well as nearly as many stories from fans and members who have submitted their own speedo experiences.

It is by far THE BEST speedo resource online.

Membership to is $29.95/month (I think the HD movies on their own justify it).

If you are interested in joining, your membership includes access to the members area of this blog.

How to join?

Just click here, it is a 2 step process.  My credit card processor is CCBill, an independent company I’ve worked with them for more than a decade now.  They are amazing, nuts about security and discretion.

Thank you guys for your support and I hope you do give yourself a $5 Xmas present and join the site.

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