My Aussie Speedos

Last night, my Aussie speedos got Kip laid….. and I was left out!!!

After an awesome day snowboarding, Kip and I had a few drinks in his hottub and then we hit up the town.  Our intention was to get dinner at some point, somewhere, but we didn’t get that far.  You know I love wearing speedos all the time and I love the reaction I get sometimes when I take guys home and they discover a speedo under my jeans.  So, in that spirit, Kip wore my Aussie flat Turbo speedos under his jeans, and I wore a pair of red Arena speedos under my jeans.

Kip got to show off his speedos but unfortunately, I didn’t get to show off mine.

We were at this pub which was just going off which was awesome.  Very str8 crowd but we were having fun.  I ran into some of Kip’s mates that I had met before and we were all just talking.  Kip drifted off somewhere and I kind of lost him.

He is a big boy so I wasn’t too worried.

Then I got a text message on my phone from Kip:

Won’t be home tonight, going to show off the Aussie speedos.  Offered to have to join in but isn’t on the cards…. tonight.

As I write this post it is still kind of early and Kip isn’t home although he texted me saying he’d be home after lunch.

Lucky bugger!!!

I’ll let you guys in on all the juicy details tonight or tomorrow morning.

Aussie SpeedoAussie Turbos

4 Users Responded in " My Aussie Speedos "

beerdoc_colorado said,  

it is spring break afterall. I wonder if they liked Kip’s accent? Did he pull the fakey 360 double flip Aussie Sheila accent? buy him some Brazilian flag speedos, then he will have to learn Portuguese. 🙂

Dr. Phil said,  

Perhaps, when Kip has had his fill, you can send them to me and they’ll likewise get me laid! Probably not, but one always looks for things to increase one’s odds. 😉

Darren said,  

Dave it is good too get your regular blogs again, missed you for nearly a week, was thinking that Kip had fucked you to death! Few weeks ago you referred to C rings, did you ever get one, how did you get on with it? I have worn one now for a year 24/7 and the cum sensation is great with that restriction on my shaft.

dgdjr said,  

Love the first pic, Dave!

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