My New Speedos

OK guys, here they are.

A classic Adidas 3-stripe and a pair of Turbo’s with an Aussie feel to them.  I think I will go and do some laps at the local pool in the ADIDAS speedos but I’m not sure I will go wearing the Aussie ones…. maybe I should and see what happens.

Just imagine the gay speedo action that these two pairs of speedos are going to see over the coming weeks!!!!

If you are a blog member, I will be posting some pics of me wearing these in the next couple of days.  I really appreciate those guys who join and this will be a little nugget for them to enjoy as a sign of my appreciation.

You can join now, it is only $5 – click here.

My Speedo PackageMy New Speedos

3 Users Responded in " My New Speedos "

beerdoc_colorado said,  

I like the ‘roo’ . Are they large enough to hide your big koala? Colors are great. Don’t see why you can’t wear them to swim laps.

Dave Evans said,  

Beer Doc,

As usual those Turbos are pretty snug fitting.

I ordered them a size larger but they are still a little tight and very low on the hips. With the snowboarding though I am loosing weight so I’ll just have to keep at it.


Dr. Phil said,  

Those are great, Dave! I love blue (and black) and yellow, Aussie-themed or not!

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