My Turbo Speedos

These Turbo Skull speedos are the 2nd ever pair that I bought and I love them.  They are a great ‘fun’ speedo which I have worn a couple of times in front of a bunch of str8 mates and I’ve received a pretty good reaction.

Today, I discovered a chicks version made by Turbo of the same speedos.  I think they look pretty hot and I posted them on my bisexual blog – – drop over there if you want to check them out.

Since you guys really like speedos, here are some reposted pics of my Turbo speedos.

Turbo Speedo Guy AgainTurbo GuyTurbo Boat BoyFun Turbo SwimwearTurbo Swimwear

7 Users Responded in " My Turbo Speedos "

vasy said,  

same boy, same speedo but some years

Dave Evans said,  

Still more than welcome in my bed or speedo.

What a beautiful example of why speedos were invented.


swimmer/biker said,  

Great twink that knows how to wear his Speedos low…showing off how well shaved he is….When I see shots like these by a young guy…I wonder why other, older guys are so shy about showing off their stuff….

Darren said,  

Just how I like my speedos, low fitting and leaving nothing to the imagination

Eric said,  

Just about the perfect Speedos – low, tight and lurid. Dave, how about a shot from behind? I’m banking on a good hint of bum crack…

Ferdie said,  

Dave, can you ask him to peel them off?

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