Naughty Jockstrap

These days I don’t even own a jockstrap unfortunately.  I’m sure I’ve told you guys that in Aussie we never wore jockstraps, I never saw anyone wear one in the change rooms and to be 100% honest, I still don’t quite understand the whole concept.

If anyone knows the whole idea of a jock, please leave a comment and explain it to me.

I did own an AussieBum jockstrap once but I only wore it once when being fucked which was pretty cool and pretty much what I thought the whole idea of a jockstrap was for – hehe.

AussieBum Jockstrap Gays

Today I saw these pictures of a jockstrap which again, I don’t see as being practical underwear but they would be fantastic to fuck in….

Naughty JockNaughty Jockstrap

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anonymous said,  

Jockstraps were common in sports in the U.S. and even required in gym in many schools. The purpose was to protect the genitalia during sports activities by keeping them secure and in place. Some spots (football/baseball/hockey) included a hard cup should a ball or puck hit that area.

vasy said,  

not terrible

Dr. Phil said,  

They originated in the late 1800s/early 1900s for bike riders–who were called “bike jockeys”–to move the genitals up/forward while riding bikes for a long period; they were originally called “bike jockey straps,” which eventually became “jock straps.” That is why Bike is a major jockstrap company to this day.

I don’t know if that was just a really great advertising scheme to get people to “require” them for various sports activities or not, as I don’t think they actually do a whole lot to help with anything other than making sure circumcised males don’t get a boner while moving about during sports…which is probably why they were recommended!

But, they do make for interesting looks and such, and for easy access for those who like anal.

Now, suspensories are a whole other, further story. 😉

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