Nervous Guys

After seeing the pic that I posted here yesterday I was horny ALL DAY!!!

I still can’t believe I’ve never tried that position.

I can now say that I have sat on a guys cock while being sucked off, and I will admit that it didn’t take me very long to cum in Tim’s mouth.

Back to the beginning though, after I wrote yesterday’s blog post I texted Tim and explain what I was keen to try and he said that he was keen and would drop around after work.  He had a guy that he thought might be interested in joining us so I left it in his capable hands.

So Tim arrived after dark with his mate, I don’t want to use his real name so lets call him Sean.  I offer the guys a drink, I’m wearing nothing but a pair of black speedos and as Tim and Sean sit on the couch I grab them a beer and Tim strips down to his AussieBum sky blue speedos (the same ones he left at my place after our first time).  With a little encouragement from Tim, Sean strips down to a nice pair of black, speedo brand speedos.

That is when I started to realise that Sean is pretty hammered (Aussie for drunk).

No real problem and the three of us are just talking, drinking a beer (my first drink for the day – remembering it is Monday night) and all three of us were rubbing the front of our speedos.  It didn’t take long before Tim and I were both pitching tents and I’m surprised that I wasn’t 100% solid when they walked in the door after being hard for pretty much all of the day.

With Tim and I both horny Tim suggested we move to the bedroom.  Sean needed to use the bathroom so we told him to join us when he was done.  That is when Tim apologised for Sean being so drunk but he was really nervous.  Sean did join us and he was the only one who wasn’t completely hard so Tim and I both started working on his cock and finally got him to full mast.

Then Tim lubed me up and I had Sean sit on the side of the bed while I lowed my arse onto his cock.  I got us both comfortable and Sean had an impressive sized cock.  Tim then got between my legs and started sucking my cock.  I couldn’t be too violent riding Sean’s cock and it really didn’t take me long before I was cumming in Tim’s mouth.

I kept riding Sean’s cock but he didn’t seem like he was getting close to cumming so I got off him and got on my knees, while Tim was kissing him (with a load of my cum in his mouth).  I worked Sean’s cock until he finally came and he seemed to really enjoy it, I hope the girls next door didn’t hear it.

Then I started working Tim’s cock and Tim was really enjoying it as he continued to make out with Sean.

That was kind of it.  The boys left, Sean had to go for a leak again before he left and Tim messaged me saying we made the most of a weird situation.

About an hour after the guys left I had to relieve myself again, despite drunk Sean it was pretty hot.  I’m sure Tim and I will try it again.

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3 Users Responded in " Nervous Guys "

DeepKisser said,  

I think most of us are nervous with new people. Too much booze doesn’t help get you hard. He might not be as nervous the next time.

Dave Evans said,  


I know what you mean for sure.

We’ll see if he gets a second go around. I promise I’ll keep you posted.


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