No Change Room Love

Yesterday I was at the pool a little later and got more of the crowd of people coming home from work.

Lots of fit guys who I don’t normally see during the day.  Since there was more of a chance of guys in the change room I decided I’d have a shower after swimming.  Normally I just put down my towel and take off my shirt and shorts at the end of the lane and jump in, then do the opposite coming out.  I don’t mind the clorine since I normally jump into the surf when I get home.

My change room idea was a dud since there was barely anyone in there and nobody was very social at all apart from the usual g’day.

I’ve had a couple of change room experiences in Australia years ago, nothing while I was in Colorado and nothing here so far….  I can still hope though.

It is great to see lots of speedos at the pool, I saw some guys wearing jammers but I don’t think I saw anyone swimming laps not wearing a speedo.

Speedos in the Change Room

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