Nude or Speedo?

The other day I was talking to a fellow blogger who loves nudity. He does to nude resorts, loves nude beaches etc..

He doesn’t quite understand my speedo thing.  I would much prefer to be hanging out in a speedo than nude and I personally think guys look hotter in speedos than nude.  I suppose I think this about chicks as well – I’d prefer to see a chick in a great fitting bikini or even one piece swimsuit than nude.

Anyone else feel this way?

A few weeks ago I posted a bunch more pics of this cutie – Allen King.  Click here to see that post.


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Dr. Phil said,  

It’s an interesting question…and one I’ve discussed with a few people on a few occasions.

There was a gay guy I used to know who is fine being on a nude beach, but he said that wearing speedos in public would be “too embarrassing.” Why? He’s comfy being nude, but not wearing a bit of lycra? I’ve never understood this.

For myself, I’d say I prefer speedos, if others are going to be seeing me. (If they’re lucky, maybe they’ll see me without the speedos later…but probably not.) And, honestly, as much as I like nudity and the human form, I’d prefer that unless I were hooking up with someone, that they wear speedos or a bikini/etc. rather than be nude the first time I meet or see them.

Our guy above in the photos here: well, those speedos aren’t the best choice, so I think I’d rather see him nude than in them, but there’s always odd exceptions, eh? 😉

Tiffani Lyn Love said,  

Definitely nude. Tastes better.
xoxo Tiff

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