Odd Speedo Out

There are some instances where I am the only guy wearing speedos in a group  Take my trip to Las Vegas, until Pat arrived I was the only guy in a speedo and when he arrived, it only made two of us.  A couple of times on the beach I’ve stripped out of a wetsuit to my speedos and gone for a swim in a group of friends and nobody cared.  At the pool in Colorado, I was the only person I saw speedo it up.

But, there are a few occasions when speedos are the norm, most common example of this is at the local pool where the majority of lap swimmers are wearing speedos or jammers.

When I saw the Married Guy at the pool on Friday he told me he might bring along one of his work colleagues for a swim.  Today I caught up with them at the pool around lunch time and the guy was wearing dork shorts.  Of course I was wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos and the Married Guy was wearing a pair of classic AussieBums.

The guy was just starting to train for a little triathlon so it was his first time getting back into the pool.

Hopefully the Married Guy and I offered some good peer pressure to him to speedo it up.

Have you ever experienced a situation where speedos were the majority?  I’d love to hear your comments.

Put some speedos on

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