Packing your Package

How do you package, your package?

Personally, I am and up and to the right kind of guy.  I am right handed and I have found that this has stopped my cock getting that left bend that I have seen on a few cocks from masturbation.

While I sit here thinking about this…. I am pointing down which seems to be pretty popular among some guys.  Maybe I’m not big enough when soft to be able to pull this off, it kind of feels and looks like I’m tucking my cock.

Would love to hear your thoughts guys.

Speedo Package

This speedo doesn’t allow for many ‘packing’ options.  Could you wear this?

X Rated Speedo

3 Users Responded in " Packing your Package "

Darren said,  

Dave, personally I am a tuck it down guy, wearing a cock ring as I do, it is the only way and does give a nice bulge. Your 2 pics are great, the first guy has a good package and has a nice tan, not sure I could wear the speedos on the second guy, he looks as if he has a great package.

DeepKisser said,  

Dave, my cock is down too, just like the guy in the second photo. Give a nice package, that people would like to open.

electric2010 said,  

Mine is pretty small, and I usual start with it pointing up. Eventually it does what it wants to do, and ends up pointing down, or if there is a lot of shrinkage, it just pokes straight out.

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