Public Kiss

Another glorious day here on the New South Wales coast!!!

This morning some of the boys came over for an early morning surf.  The water isn’t that cold but it was wetsuits all around.  Since my place is closest to the beach everyone met at my place and then we walked at least 1km up the beach before there was any swell at all.

I still find it interesting that all the guys wear speedos under their wetsuit, and they wears speedos under their board shorts, but they’d never wear them while hanging out at the beach.  And, like Alex, I’m sure most of them would wear speedos only if they were swimming laps.

Thought I’d post this pic of some guys who aren’t afraid to wear speedos in public, or make out in public.  I’d be pitching a tent in my speedos making out with that guy.

Public Kiss

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

have you ever been to france or belgium? seems like thats all i did was kiss (cheeks) hunky men. that gave me several rises… happy winter to you.. get the snow plows ready in Sydney… sunday A-basin will close. still cant get up to most trails…too much snow.

Dave Evans said,  

Beer Doc,

Kip is heading up to the Basin tomorrow to do the pond skim. How is Denver weather?


vasy said,  

what beautiful ass..this man in orange underwear…i want

Darren said,  

I agree with Vasy, a great ass in the orange briefs. As for the guy in the black speedos, I would rather kiss some other part of him than his lips!

vasy said,  

too much darren..vasy from FRANCE

k1speedo said,  

Totally agree with you Vasy and Darren, orange is not a colour I’m into but he really pulls it off, perhaps I will change my mind bout orange.

Drew said,  

Vasy his name is Cody Shore – look him up on Facebook

that’s a picture of a DNA pool party in Ivy in Sydney

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