Public Speedo Boners

Have you guys enjoyed this week of movies?

In my mind, the best scene is the last but I’m biased because I LOVE threesomes.  I love foursomes more than threesomes and I love moresomes even more than foursomes…. say that 10 times quickly.

If you guys enjoyed this week of movies, let me know and it is something that I could do at least once a month.

Also, today I posted on the public blog about spontaneous boners……

When I was talking about hanging out at Birdie Beach with Alex and the English guys I mentioned that when wearing a speedo in public I am very susceptible to a spontaneous erection.

Getting in and out of the pool I can’t really loiter around too long.  First off, I love the feeling of freedom wearing a speedo but also I wonder if it has something to do with all the naughty things I’ve done in speedos over the years – hehehe.

Seeing this speedo photo today I thought it was appropriate – anyone else suffer (or enjoy) a spontaneous speedo erection on occasion?

Public Boner

2 Users Responded in " Public Speedo Boners "

Darren said,  

great to be able to comment again Dave in the old format. I regularly have a boner when wearing speedos.

Eugene said,  

I fell asleep on the beach, with a magazine I had been reading over most of my face and wearing a high waisted royal blue Speedo type costume. I awoke with a full erection and a passing couple commenting loudly on how big it was, not something I had really considered. Very embarrassing, I kept my face covered.

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