Red Speedos on the Brain

Last post before I leave.

Under my jeans I’m wearing a pair of red speedos since Kip has been hearing about all the trouble that Alex and I have been getting in to in our red speedos.

I think I should be arriving at Kips place on Saturday afternoon, if I’ve got the date line stuff all correct in my head.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be keen to hottub it up ASAP so I’ll be ready.

If I was strip searched at the airport (does that happen these days?) I wonder what the security people would think when I took off my jeans and showed my red speedos?  OK guys, gotta fly, heading to the airport with a mate who works in the city.  Bring on the free booze on international flights!!!

Red Speedo GuyRed AussieBumRed Speedo BoyRed Speedo ManRed Speedo Car Wash

2 Users Responded in " Red Speedos on the Brain "

beerdoc_colorado said,  

I like red. I hope they do search you. Maybe wear a big ol metal cock ring. Lucky you, the weather should be really sunny for your arrival, with mountains full of snow. Have a good trip.

Dave Evans said,  

Beer Doc,

I made it through all good, long trip but everything worked. Got in last night and today it feels like spring or even summer.

Hopefully some snow later in the week – we are heading to Beaver Creek tomorrow.


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