Riding Kip

It is nice to have a real cock in the house to ride whenever I want.

You guys might remember that I bought a butt plug set a little while back.  Well, I will admit, I have been using them pretty extensively when jerking off.  Like pretty 90% of the time.

It did get me wondering though, and I wanted to ask you guys about this…..

Are you afraid that your masturbation techniques and tools can ruin/diminish your real sex life?

For example, with all the anal stimulation I’ve been getting with these butt plugs, I’m pretty sure I won’t cum as quick from a blowjob without someone playing with my arse.

I’m sure it is easy to fix, just give it a day or two break and I’ll be sooooo horny it won’t matter.

It might sound like I get laid a reasonable amount but I think that is because I share it with you guys, I still jerk off over 95% of the time.

What do you guys think?

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