Safe Sex with Str8 Guy

Last Friday when Alex came over we really were like a pair of horny rabbits.

Alex was super horny, I’d had a shower and was in a speedo ready for him to fuck me.

It was probably the closest I’ve gone to letting someone fuck me without a condom.  Don’t worry, we didn’t, I took the three seconds to put a rubber on Alex before he slid inside my lubed ass.

It got me thinking, do you guys play unprotected these days?  I’ve always been pretty anal regarding condom use and I can say that I’ve never been fucked by a guy without a condom.  I have shagged one girl without a condom but we had been dating for a few months.

Alex is a slightly different case because he is in a long term relationship with his girlfriend and he has never had unprotected sex with a guy either.

I don’t mind fucking with a condom so I won’t be changing my view on things in the near future but would be interested to hear what you guys get up to.

Black Speedo and a Condom

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spear said,  

Any guy who’s out fucking anyone and not using a condom is asking for a STD. Same for str8 couples not to mention the word pregnant. Chicks can pass HIV to a man just as well. Still, some guys just don’t get it when it comes to safe sex.

samspeedo said,  

Have to agree with you, spear! I relaxed my usual care with one hot, young guy a while back and ended up with a treatable STI (thankfully it’s gone now after a dose of antibiotics – but it could have been worse)!

With STI infection rates continuing to rise these days it really seems stupid (like I was) to risk everything!

Yeah, I’m a rubber man for good now . . . I’m planning to live to a very old age . . .

drew said,  

Technically if you allow a guy to cum in your mouth you are putting yourself at risk of an STI including HIV.

Anal sex without a condom is a bad idea full stop and increases your risk of HIV / STI’s dramatically.

You are probably aware that these days safe sex is very much a moving feast amongst people. With the advent of Prep, PEP and the undetectable levels of HIV of a person on meds use of condoms has dramatically fallen in the community.

In fact you are more likely to get HIV from a guy who doesn’t know his status than an HIV positive guys on meds whose viral load is undetectable with or without condoms. Studies pretty much confirm this.

At the end of the day however it’s actually more likely that you can catch an STI from a MSM (Men who sleep with Men) but identify as straight because they are less likely to have sexual health checkups and have less exposure to the gay media.

The whole campaign around safer sex has substantially changed in the last ten years to test regularly and if needed treat early to stop the spread of new infections.

It’s personal choice I suppose as to how you protect yourself, however I believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect themselves and how they choose to protect themselves.

I grew up during the dark days of the AIDS crisis and lost many many friends (and still am losing some too). But I’ve also been in a relationship for almost 20 years so I don’t have to worry about what safe sex practices to choose.

Condoms are good but they are not the only safe sex method these days and anal sex is not the only vector of transmission of HIV and STI’s

samspeedo said,  

All true, drew!

I have testing every four to six months and have been getting tested for many years, now!

It’s quick, free (Medicare in Oz) and reliable.

For any str8 guys who have sex with other men . . . just don’t understand why these guys shouldn’t feel the need to get tested as well.

I’m also a bit concerned – as PEP, PREP and other treatments become popular – that some guys will get lax with their use of rubbers and not test as regularly either.

The last thing we need is rampant HIV, hepatitis, chlamydia, herpes or other STIs in the wider community.

Should that happen, then the wider media can be expected to blame the bi or gay community, for an outbreak that may well have been spread by a str8 guy after all!

DeepKisser said,  

If you are going to tap it, you have to wrap it.

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