Sex in AussieBum Portseas

I’ve seen some individual photos from this photo shoot but I was finally bought the entire gallery.

With my site I don’t use one producer of movies and photos because most producers don’t do just speedo stuff which is all I am interested in (and all my members are interested in as well).  It has developed into a HUGE amount of speedo content though between the movies, pics and my own library of stories.

It is all about the speedo sex though.  This photo shoot is amazing because those blue AussieBums (Portseas) are my sentimental favourite speedos of all time.  I was wearing them when I had my first MFM threesome with a guy/girl couple. It was me wearing them to the local pool that convinced Alex that I am Dave Evans and ever since then I’ve had many more sexual experiences while wearing them.

There is no elastic in the waist band of these speedos so when they are undone you can completely free your cock which these guys seem to have figured out.

AussieBum Swimwear Sex AussieBum Sex

The whole gallery is available to members if you like what you see.

2 Users Responded in " Sex in AussieBum Portseas "

Dr. Phil said,  

Very hot guys…

I have the orange AussieBum briefs the one guy is wearing…they’re meant to be underwear rather than swimwear, but who cares? They look fantastic, especially on (and off) this fellow!

SeattleSpeedoBuff said,  

Those men are incredible… and I love pics where one guy is pulling at the drawstrings of the other. That always gets me going.

My two pairs of AussieBum swimwear just arrived. I bought the Portseas and the Mittagong. The Portseas are incredibly sexy, and can’t wait to play in them for the first time, hopefully this weekend.

This fella and I have been messaging back and forth and almost have things worked out. He suggested I arrive in my Portseas, and that he will be be waiting in his AussieBum Noosa (they’re ice blue and white) on his bed. He suggested we make out on his bed then take it to the shower. My thought is that once the suits are wet, they’re not likely to stay on long? I really want to make sure we mess around in suits for awhile… Any ideas or suggestions for the first meeting of two guys in AussieBums?


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