Sexual Bucket List

On Friday when Alex and I were talking about him discovering this new side of his sexuality I asked him what things he fantasized about and what things he considered off limits.  I enjoy doing this with all my sexual partners, more fun when a few drinks are involved and people open up their naughty sides.

Alex said he’d like to refine the list but this was what he had on the list to start:

  • Feel a cock explode in his mouth (not necessarily swallow)
    Ticked this off on Friday.
  • Work towards being able to take a cock in his arse
    Alex enjoys being fingered by me and his girlfriend so he thinks he’ll enjoy anal after he works up to something the size of a cock.
  • Threesome with 2 guys
    Alex has never had a threesome so he said he’d be happy with any threesome combination
  • Being tied up and having 2 guys dominate him

If I think back to my most amazing sexual experiences they usually involve 3 people.  I’ve had some ones that didn’t go as planned or as well but I haven’t had any threesomes that were horrible and I’ve had some that even just thinking about them gets me hard.

So I think that I should start planning a threesome for Alex.

My Grindr fuck buddy Tim would be keen.  The gay couple I hooked up with a couple of weeks ago (click here to read about that) would be great but that might be a little too intimidating for Alex.  Maybe we should go to Birdie Beach (nude beach about half an hour north of here) on a Friday afternoon and play in the dunes?

What do you guys think would be a good way to approach Alex’s first threesome?

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4 Users Responded in " Sexual Bucket List "

Pete25 said,  

Me thinks Number 2 on his item should be explored before No 3 is a reality. I know you may be eager but slow and easy wins the race. Just a thought.

Steve said,  

Agree with Pete25 – unless Alex is only going to be one of the ends in the 3-way.

Darren said,  

I too agree with Pete25, work towards the cock up the arse, you cannot beat it, can you?

DeepKisser said,  

Nice bucket list Alex. Dave, our buddy Alex should take care of the second item before items 3 & 4. It is more mental than physical, and practice is helpful. Then I’m sure Tim and Kip can assist with the other two. It is always important to have a to do list. LOL

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