Speedo 69

Earlier in my sexual career I was a fan of the 69.  Not sure I can call it a career since I’ve never really been paid for sex but you guys know what I mean.

These days, I’m not so big a fan of the 69. The angles aren’t quite right, there is too much going on, I find I can’t focus on my job and I can’t focus on the pleasure I’m receiving.  I feel the same with guys and with girls as well.

Yesterday Tim came over after dinner for a ‘release’ session and he suggested we 69.  I was on top and it was amazingly hot of course but I really worked his cock (with a finger in his arse as well) trying to make him cum as quickly as possible.  Poor Tim couldn’t handle my ferocious assault on his cock and it didn’t take him long to cum at all.  Understandably, as Tim approached orgasm he couldn’t keep much attention on my cock.

Once his cock had finished pulsing his creamy load into my mouth the two of us detached and I told Tim that I wanted to fuck his tight arse again if he was up for it.

He was and after our 69 I didn’t take long at all to cum while fucking Tim.

By this time Tim was hard again and being the nice guy that I am let him fuck me.  Tim lasted a little longer this time and even this morning I’m still feeling a little sore from his pounding.

It is a ‘happy sore’ though.

Where I started this blog post was do you guys like 69’ing or not?

Guys in Speedos Fooling AroundSpeedo 69Gay 69

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Eric said,  

Can’t take my eyes of pictures 2 and 3. 69 is fine by me – love cumming in the mouth, or as you put it ‘pulsing his creamy load etc’ – great line.

Darren said,  

Eric, I agree great pics 2 and 3. Two lovely shaved cocks and asses. I have a big hard on just looking at them. Like them to come in my mouth or up my ass (or both!!).

Randy said,  

I can’t take my eyes off the stud in the red speedo in pic #1. Wish there were a couple more, with his raging erection tearing at the red spandex, the knob clearly outlined.

Walt said,  

Love shaved balls and cock at least….how do you guys feel about it…I would love comments here on this…It is so much nicer to suck a shaved cock and shaved balls seem to slip into your mouth so easy …Also a side benefit of shaving your pubes is that you can wear your suit real low with no bitching from old ladies…

Eric said,  

Shaved cock and balls are fine, but a spray of fine hair up to the navel is fine too. If you’re going to wear a Speedo low then pubes over the top can be a come-on – you know, like a signal. Ass crack is the same. But for pubes and crack to be showing, the Speedos have to be tiny – otherwise they just hang. Aqux Speedos over a tight ass look great with pubes and crack showing.

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