Speedo Fit

Sunday afternoon here in Aussie and Kip and I have had a lazy day.

Kip was a little ‘dusty’ after all of yesterday’s activities so we’ve watched a couple of movies (they were both terrible).  I was nice enough to suck him off twice during the day….. what are friends for and when I feel a little hungover I would like someone to suck me off too.

Some interesting developments on our ski trip which I’ll share with you guys tomorrow.

I wanted to post these sppeedo pics because after a big weekend I feel lazy and fat.  I’ve been really good the last month or so and I’ll make sure I get back onto it next week.  Kip actually commented that I was looking a bit fitter than when I left Colorado back in February.

These guys look fantastic – I love the cyclist wearing a classic black speedo.

Speedo TriathleteSpeedo Athlete

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