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So I’ve been talking to the Blog Fan who is coming up to the coast tomorrow and going to be up here through the weekend.

He seems like a really nice guy.

We are going to meet where I first saw him tanning, right outside my back door.  He is going to wear the speedos he was wearing when I first saw him and I’m going to wear my red Arena speedos.  I just hope the neighbour girls are at work that day.

Any other suggestions apart from wearing red speedos?

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vasy said,  

I think than the hamac is enough for two and the speedo’s of the first ijust the good size…

beerdoc_colorado said,  

“lady in a red dress”, I think that is appripo. if he reads the blog, compliment dave on his ‘awesome’ abs and tan.

DeepKisser said,  


Supply some sun tan lotion, and the offer to apply it to the hard to reach areas. Plus the offer of a cold drink, and the second cold drink enjoyed inside?

billygardener19 said,  

Smooth tight body, gorgeous deep navel, well-muscled thighs, perfectly-sized and placed red speedos…..I couldn’t be more pleased….well…

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