Speedo Motivation

Did you guys like Part 1 of Alex’s interview yesterday?  I hope so because he dropped in last night and this time I conducted the interview with us both only wearing speedos.  Wolf Blitzer watch out!!!  We did end up fucking afterwards as well – hehehe.  Maybe it should be a ‘watch out Anderson Cooper’.

Today I slept in a little bit and just wasn’t feeling motivated at all.  Until I saw these three hotties in their black speedos……

That made me feel guilty and I went for a walk over to Avoca Beach and I’m writing this quickly because I’m going to go to the pool for a swim.  Then I think I will jerk off to these guys.

Fit Speedo GuySpeedo GuyFit Guy in Speedos

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Dr. Phil said,  

Thanks for sharing these ones, Dave…wow, these three are gorgeous, and I’d happily have any/all of them! (And I’m sure most of your readers would, too!). I shall take their images with me and make a deposit in the Wank Bank later! 😉

Dr. Phil said,  

Incidentally, does anyone else think fellow #1 here looks a slight bit like Henry Cavill, a.k.a. the new Superman? (If he were much wetter, of course?)

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